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        Sun Fun Photo is a Panama City Beach based photography company specializing in family beach portraits, as well as engagements,  senior portraits, corporate events and more. Thanks to our well rounded and experienced team of photographers, we are able to excel in many facets of photography.     

        The owner of Sun Fun Photo is Glen Thaxton.  Although born in Philadelphia, he has always been drawn to the beach. As a youth, he was constantly involved in sports. His love for sports quickly became a passion for surfing. And his passion for surfing became a lust for travel.

        In 1986, Glen, along with his close group of friends, took his first trip to Hawaii. This trip would be the beginning of a journey that would take Glen to exotic locations such as Central America, Fiji,  Ecuador,  Indonesia and more. Throughout his extensive travels, he realized that as well as great waves, there were also amazing photographic opportunities. Documenting these destinations quickly became as much of a passion as surfing. 

        He is a self-taught, award winning photographer with 25+ years of experience whose accomplishments include:

Two time Overall-Winner of the Annual Faces and Facets competition, two consecutive covers of the Carpe Diem calendar, several local and national publications as well as others. He has photographed various local and national events such as The Biggest Loser, Thunder Beach, Iron Man and the Gulf Coast Triathlon.

         If you are going to be in Panama City Beach or the surrounding area, we would love for you to give us a call.  Anything from an intimate beach wedding to a large corporate event,  rest assured that Sun Fun Photo's knowledgeable staff is right for you.


Today’s photos are tomorrow’s treasures".

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